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Ephesians 2:10

About Us

Founded in 2017 to provide Christ-centered and biblically sound individual and family counseling. We believe that God’s Word is sufficient for assessing and addressing the difficulties of life and that God is actively doing a work of sanctification in the life of every believer. With this as our foundation, we help hurting people discover hope and comfort through God’s Word.

Counseling Services

We offer Biblical Counseling for individuals couples and families. Counseling sessions are Christ-centered, biblically-based, Spirit-led, and prayer-saturated. MBC counselors provide a listening ear, biblical insights and clear guidance so you can not only survive the current challenges in your life, but thrive and grow. No matter what you are facing, our counselors can help you understand yourself better and grow in your knowledge of the God who promises to faithfully walk with you, comfort you, strengthen you and help you. We humbly welcome the opportunity to serve you! 


Many amazing biblical counseling resources are available today to help you with just about any spiritual or emotional concern.


If you're searching for trustworthy biblical resources, click below to find a few key websites where you will find blogs, podcasts, books, book reviews, and more! 


Helping hurting people discover hope and comfort through God’s Word.

~Our Mission Statement

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